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Our Relaxing Day

Yesterday most everyone slept in. A group of us went to a bakery at 12:30 which was delicious. In the afternoon, we all did different things. One group went to a swimming pool which is heated by Iceland's geothermal energy. Another group went hiking. Others went shopping, relaxed at our hostel playing cards or foosball, went for a run, or went to a coffee shop to read.
We aren't expecting to leave until Thursday morning now. It has been difficult to reschedule our flight to Copenhagen, Denmark with such a large group. But, we are all making the most of our time in Iceland. The weather has been nice and so it has been enjoyable to be outside.

Viking Dinner

Yesterday evening, we met at our hostel at 8 pm and Professor Imbertson took us all out to dinner at the Viking. A Viking sang traditional Icelandic songs to us and told us funny stories about how Iceland came to be. The food was good as well. We started out with fish soup, then had our main course of lamb, salad, potatoes, and vegetables, and finished with a raspberry ice cream dessert. At the end of our dinner, four people from our group were crowned Vikings after they drank this concoction.
Today, everyone is sleeping in again. There are a couple museums here in Reykjavik that offer free admission on Wednesdays, so some of us are planning to take advantage of that.


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