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Robot Arbeit!

Thursday was another full day of working on the robots in the lab. Working out the details is often more difficult than it seems, but everyone seemed to figure out what was going on, more or less, so that was good.


Here is a picture of the Winterthur Warriors hard at work on their prototype, it looks like they've got a solid idea of where they're going with this one.

After a brief lunch period and hour break or so we returned to the lab to continue working. With the guidance of a lecture by Prof. Kelso about the importance of converting our coordinate systems from rectangular to polar coordinates in order to make our robots more efficient, we will begin to get down to the core of the programming of our robots. It just takes a lot of patience, as most of us have figured out.


Here is a picture of Ruben and Arthur, testing the capabilities of their robot to maneuver around one of the obstacles in the playground.



Thanks for the update, Aaron. It seems the application of theory is working! Great team work & collaboration. Off to Munich now...and some deserved rest.

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