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Still in Iceland!

Grimsvoetn Ash

We had a change of plans yesterday (Sunday) due to Iceland's most active volcano, Grimsvoetn, that erupted on Saturday and shut down the airport. Grimsvoetn last erupted in 2004.
We left our hostel at 10:15 Sunday morning and drove to go look at the volcanic ash. It was a 2 hour drive there. When we got off the bus to explore, it felt like we were breathing in gritty air.
We got back to the hostel around 3:30 in the afternoon. It is a beautiful, sunny day so many of us went out to go explore the city of Reykjavik some more. A group of seven of us went to the Perlan, which is a revolving restaurant sitting on top of four huge tanks, each containing 880 gallons of 176°F water for the city's geothermal hot water system. The balcony at the Perlan offered beautiful views of Reykjavik.
By 11 pm, we could see the ash cloud from Reykjavik.

Hiking in Iceland

This morning (Monday) we were told by Professor Imbertson that we weren't flying out to Copenhagen until Wednesday afternoon. Many of us spent this morning relaxing at our hostel. This afternoon most of us rented cars and went to Glymur, Iceland's highest waterfall at 196 meters. The hike was slightly treacherous and it was windy outside, but the view of the waterfall was beautiful. Even though we are essentially stuck in Iceland, we are having lots of fun!


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