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The Matterhorn and a journey through the Swiss Alps!

Early this morning we took the cog railway train up to Gornergrat, one of the most spectacular places to view many of the higher peaks of the Swiss Alps. Gornergrat is situated at 3093m or 10,148ft and on days where visibility is high one can see over twenty peaks that rise above 4,000m all around them, including the Monte Rosa, Lyskamm, Matterhorn, Dom and Weisshorn.

This is most of the group with the Matterhorn in the background! It is one of the most distinctive peaks of the Swiss Alps, even though it isn't the highest.


This is a panorama of some of the peaks mentioned earlier, we couldn't have asked for better weather!

After our journey up to Gornergrat we returned to Zermatt and then back down to Täsch to catch our bus back to Winterthur. We made our way around lake Genève and then up to the Gletsch pass, which is located at 2,436m (7,992 ft)


This is a glacial deposit lake at the top of the pass, very spectacular and cold. We had a few minutes to walk around and move our legs because the busride was around 5 hours to get from Zermatt to Winterthur.


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