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Vestas and More

Yesterday the group had the chance to visit two facilities where parts of wind turbines are manufactured and assembled. Both are used by one of Denmark's leading turbine manufactures, Vestas. The first stop was at their facility in Ringkobing. There they assemble the Nacelle portion of the machine (where the blades are attached to the generator). It was amazing to see the size of the machines up close!

Cave in Denmark

After this visit, we took a bus to Lem, a nearby town, where Vestas manufactures blades for their turbines. They walked us though the process of manufacturing the blades and gave us a tour of their facility. We then had lunch at their cafeteria and made our way to Aalborg where we stayed the night. On our way, Bo took us to one of Denmark's underground caves. There were a number of underground streams with amazingly clear water that had purified though chalk and other minerals in the ground.

Aalborg Buffet Dinner

When we arrived in Denmark, Bo's wife, Michelle, arranged a very nice buffet dinner at a local restaurant.


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