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We have arrived in Denmark!

Many of us went to the National Museum of Iceland yesterday and learned more about Iceland's history.


Yesterday evening, Professor Imbertson took us all out for a group dinner again. It was a 4 course meal (well 6 courses if you include bread & butter and a small appetizer). I think most of us would agree that it was one of the most delicious meals of our lives. The first course was arctic char and homemade cheese barley. The second course was salted cod and mussels. The third course was either lamb or fried ling (a fish that tastes like cod). The fourth course was sweet brown cheese, milk ice cream, sponge, and juniper.
We got on a bus at 5:15 am this morning, and headed to the airport. We were split up into two different flights but we both made it to Copenhagen around 1:15 pm. Our bus driver gave us a small tour of Copenhagen and we saw the famous mermaid statue as well as many government buildings.


Then we drove to Middelfart, Denmark to eat at a Chinese buffet restaurant for dinner. On the way, we drove across the Great Belt Bridge which is the second largest suspension bridge in the world.
Now we are in the countryside of Denmark in a very small town called Fjaltring in a hostel. We are enjoying relaxing in the lounge right now.


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