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Competition Day!

The scene was set for an epic showdown for the rover competition on this rainy Wednesday in Winterthur. Many teams stayed late last night in order to make sure their rovers would be ready to perform on the playground. A late modification, where the GPS system would not be available, forced everyone to rethink how to accomplish the tasks of retrieving the colored spheres without the guidance of receiving coordinate updates. Nevertheless, everyone showed up ready to play and aside from a few camera malfunctions the competition went well. Team Winning took the gold, Leggo My Eggo the silver, team Matterhorn the bronze and team GastroBLITZ! took 4th.

The anticipation before the competition was building as 2pm rolled around.

Only one team had obstacle avoidance so a few collisions happened during the course of the competition.

The robots were off and running from the start, and that made for a great day. Everyone was relieved when it was over, but that meant sorting and putting all the legos back into their boxes!


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