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Scandinavia 2011

Jun 2, 11

Free Days in Oslo

After breakfast this morning, our group headed by bus to Oslo. After about 4 hours, we arrived at our hotel and had the afternoon free. Most of the group spent the time exploring the city. We also spent some time relaxing and napping on the grass outside Norway's Royal Palace. For dinner, many of us went out for pizza at Peppes, a restaurant near our hotel.


Jun 1, 11

Hydropower Plant in Norway

Today, we visited one of Agder Energi's hydropower stations in Skjerka, a 100 MW power station that produces 612 gigawatt hours of power per year. The power station is considered to be new since it started running in 1997. However, prior to that, there was an old power station in the same location that began operating in 1932. We walked 700 feet in a tunnel to go inside of the plant. In the plant we saw where water is pumped into the plant, the control room which is remotely controlled, and the shaft that powers the generator. After the tour, Agder Energi provided lunch for us.


May 31, 11

Energy Seminar at the University of Agder

This morning, we walked to the University of Agder for the Second International Seminar on Renewable Energy. We spent the day listening to lectures from local professors and business representatives.


May 30, 11

Company Visits in Norway

This morning we drove 45 minutes to Kristiansand, Norway to first visit Eltek Valere, a company that provides energy conversion solutions to help customers reduce energy consumption. Their focus is on renewable energy, electric vehicles, telecom, and industrial applications.


May 29, 11

Goodbye Denmark, Hello Norway

This morning we drove to the Danish coast and boarded a ferry. The ferry ride was approximately 3 hours so we spent the time either by sleeping or shopping at the duty-free shops.


May 28, 11

Wind, Sand, and Water

Today's site visit focus was the effect wind, sand, and water has on Denmark's environment and people. We started the day by heading to the most northern point of Denmark, just north of Skagen.


May 28, 11

Vestas and More

Yesterday the group had the chance to visit two facilities where parts of wind turbines are manufactured and assembled. Both are used by one of Denmark's leading turbine manufactures, Vestas.


May 26, 11

We have arrived in Denmark!

Many of us went to the National Museum of Iceland yesterday and learned more about Iceland's history.

Yesterday evening, Professor Imbertson took us all out for a group dinner again. It was a 4 course meal (well 6 courses if you include bread & butter and a small appetizer). I think most of us would agree that it was one of the most delicious meals of our lives. The first course was arctic char and homemade cheese barley. The second course was salted cod and mussels. The third course was either lamb or fried ling (a fish that tastes like cod). The fourth course was sweet brown cheese, milk ice cream, sponge, and juniper.
We got on a bus at 5:15 am this morning, and headed to the airport. We were split up into two different flights but we both made it to Copenhagen around 1:15 pm. Our bus driver gave us a small tour of Copenhagen and we saw the famous mermaid statue as well as many government buildings.


May 25, 11

Our Relaxing Day

Yesterday most everyone slept in. A group of us went to a bakery at 12:30 which was delicious. In the afternoon, we all did different things. One group went to a swimming pool which is heated by Iceland's geothermal energy. Another group went hiking. Others went shopping, relaxed at our hostel playing cards or foosball, went for a run, or went to a coffee shop to read.


May 23, 11

Still in Iceland!

We had a change of plans yesterday (Sunday) due to Iceland's most active volcano, Grimsvoetn, that erupted on Saturday and shut down the airport.


May 21, 11

More Iceland Exploring

We had a great last full day in Iceland exploring more of its beauty!


May 20, 11

Hiking in Iceland

It was another wonderful day in Iceland. Our hydrogen power lecture was cancelled this morning, so Professor Imbertson gave us a brief lecture about it. After that, we were free to explore the city. Some of us walked along the ocean shore. Others of us went up the tower of the Hallgrimskirkja church to take pictures of the city.


May 19, 11

Geothermal Energy in Iceland

We started day two in Iceland with a simple breakfast at our hostel. Then we walked to the University of Iceland geology building where we listened to two different lectures. The first lecture was an introduction to the geology of Iceland.


May 18, 11

Our First Day in Iceland!

We left Minneapolis at 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. Knowing that we had a full day planned upon arriving in Iceland, most of us tried to sleep on the plane or at least relaxed by watching the in-flight movies. We arrived at the Reykjavik airport at 6:20 am local Iceland time and met Bo, his wife Michelle, and their 3 children who assist us as our tour guides. We then headed off to the southern coast of Iceland to take in the beautiful views of the large waves that travel all the way from Antarctica and then crash into the cliffs.


Apr 15, 11

Energy Production Methods in Scandinavia

MAY 17 - JUNE 4, 2011

Seminar Description
Award-winning instructor, Paul Imbertson (electrical and computer engineering), will return to Scandinavia once again. You will study existing and planned energy production methods and energy usage in Scandinavia.