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College of Science and Engineering

Management of Technology in the Middle East MOT/IBUS 4010

May 13 - May 26, 2012
Seminar Description:

Marvin Marshak, professor of physics, and Alfred Marcus, professor of strategic management and organization, are leading this global seminar that will visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Amman and Petra.

There is arguably no region in the world outside of our own country that plays a larger role in the American consciousness than the Middle East, which is also a unique region in the context of science and technology. The region generally lacks water and arable land. The distribution of energy resources is dichotomous. Some countries have huge petroleum and natural gas surpluses. Others are desperately short of energy resources.

Students will visit start-up and established companies, University research labs, research facilities, and government agencies. Possible sites include: Hebrew University; Tel Aviv University; Technion; Weizmann Institute; Intel; Super Dimension; Israeli Military; Aqaba University of Technology; SESAME Research Center; University of Jordan, and more. Program topics will include: start-up companies; multinational corporations; taking a company from domestic to international; intellectual property protection; the interaction of technology and society; research and development; emerging technologies, and technology transfer.


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