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Arrivederci Roma

Greetings from Rome,

After a good breakfast in the morning, we took a coach bus to the Catacombs of San Callisto, which are located along the Via Appia Antica (Appian Way). The catacombs served as a safe place for the remains of St. Peter, St. Paul, and the Christians in Rome. The tombs contains remains for the Roman pagans as well. Due to the high prices for burial plots, the Christians allowed the remains of pagans to be buried in the catacombs as well as an act of kindness. The tour through the catacombs was really exciting. We were able to see a few bones in one of the tombs, but most of the remains were extracted and placed in an undisclosed safe location. The fresco (art on the ceiling) in the tombs were really interesting and rather fascinating.


In the late afternoon, we visited the one of the aqueducts in Rome. This particular aqueduct is called Aqua Appia . The Aqueducts served as a water supply to the cities. Aqua Appia is approximately 16km long and the drop in height over the channel over its entire length was only 10m.


We returned to the hotel and had free time to explore the city on our final night in Rome for this trip. Some students attended the Ferrari Tribute to 1000 Miles, some explored the Tevere (Tiber) River, etc.

We will be leaving Rome on Saturday Morning for La Spezia. Looking forward to the beautiful villages of Cinque Terre.

C. L.



Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's hard to even think about how old those catacombs and aqueducts are and what it was like at the time they were built.

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