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Cin Cin Cinque Tera!

Greetings from La Spezia!

Today we took the train north from Rome to a small chain of towns along the Mediterranean coast called Cinque terra. The three-hour train ride was awesome, and gave us a chance to relax and do some journaling and reading.

After we took an afternoon trip to Manarola, the most photogenic of the five cities. The charming town was filled with colorful houses, local seafood restaurants and breathtaking views. The sun was shining in as we walked along the high peaks and smelled the salty ocean breeze. We walked along the foothills and found a beautiful little spot where we basked in the sun and some of us were brave enough to jump into the cold water of the Mediterranean!

It wasn't hard to find amazing food in Manarola. The specialties of the region are pesto pasta dishes and the fruits of the sea. Seafood is fresh in this region and caught fresh every day by local fisherman. Some of the highlights were roasted octopus, swordfish, tuna, clams and a local sweet desert wine that is the specialty of the region,

Tomorrow we are looking forward to getting some exercise on a day hike to visit the five cities!
Photocredit Lindsay Ellingson



Looks like you are having a great time - thanks for the entries!
Did you feel the earthquake in St. Augustine? I hope everyone is fine.

Greetings All! You need to know that Ross has to celebrate his birthday over seas! Wednesday he turns 19. Please give him a hug for me!

Yep! We are all doing great! In Verona now. Keep the comments coming :)

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