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Day 1: Hilsen fra Kobenhavn

We got to Copenhagen just fine. None of us got much sleep on the plane, but we tried to make up for it on the bus.

Copenhagen 1 180.jpg

We visited the Danish Technical University in Riso and saw their wind turbine research facilities. We then sat through a couple of lectures about their research, icing of wind turbine blades, and variable pitch blades.

Copenhagen 1 184.jpg
DTU Riso

Copenhagen 1 187.jpg
Wind Turbine Tour at DTU Riso

Then we checked into our Hostel in downtown Copenhagen. We made our beds, had couple of drinks, and then toured the downtown area. We saw numerous historical buildings, found the shopping district, and went to a couple of bars. We also got caught in the middle of a zombie pub-crawl just like in Minneapolis! Their were over 800 people in costume and make-up!

Copenhagen 1 209.jpg
View from our room

We met a few locals and learned a bit about the city. Some of us accidentally walked into the Red Light district and quickly found our way out of it. Tomorrow will be a few tours and more time exploring the city!

Note: Our internet is spotty, so I'm doing my best to upload pieces of the blog at a time. I know the pictures are very large. You can use the zoom feature in the lower right hand portion of your screen to zoom out.



Thanks for the info. Sounds like a great beginning!

Thanks for the updates. Mom and dad and I are reading this for the first time. Glad everything is going well! We will be following you. Take care!

I tried to post earlier today with mom at her house, but it does not look like it showed up? Anyway, glad you are having fun! We will keep following you. Thanks for the updates!

Fun! cool pictures, I like the downtown one :)

Fun to read the blog. Haven't heard any updates. Everything OK?

Hi Steve, sounds and looks like your having a fantastic time.We didn't get into your place, however we have sent a e-mail to Jeff. Just need to hear from him. Hear is how small the world is. I received a call from a customer from Denmark. He lives in a town south of Copenhagen called Gedser. The only place for him to buy parts for his Kenworth trucks is in Italy and they are very expensive, so he has chosen to buy from Rihm. We look forward to your updates. Have a great time, learn lots.

Everything is fine here, other than several of us getting sick with some sort of head-cold. The internet isn't always available and we are very busy, so I apologize for not getting blog posts up as timely as they happen. Thank you for following them!

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