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Day 2: Wind Turbine Farm, Canal Tour, & Madklubben

Hi everyone!

Today we visited the offshore wind turbine farm built by Siemens. It was very cool despite being very windy and cold! We even got to climb aboard one of the turbines.
Then we had some free time, but I think most of us took a nap, as we were all tired and the weather was very windy and cold.

This afternoon we took a boat tour through Copenhagen via the canals (think Venice). We saw many historical buildings from the 1600's and a few modern buildings from the last 20 years. We also saw the artifical island that Copenhagen built for their Navy. We saw the Royal Library, the Opera House, the Architecture Center, the Royal Family's home, and many other historical buildings (most built in the 1600's).
We then had a very nice dinner at the Madklubben restaurant where there were many Norwegians celebrating Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day). They were having a good time singing loud drinking songs. We had a salad with beets and different sauces and greens for the first course, very good pork for the second course, and Mumbai Pie for dessert, which consisted of cooked rhubarb, some sauce, lemon flavored italian ice, and dehydrated marshmallow.

We had the evening free and saw more of the town as well as visited the favorite locations of last night. We found out about a "speak-easy" style bar that was nothing more than a black door in a wall. Down the hallway and down the stairs was a very classy and cozy hidden cocktail bar where they played jazz and Frank Sinatra. We enjoyed a nice expensive drink there before heading off.

We haven't done much shopping yet due to the holiday closing most businesses. Tomorrow we go back to the University. However we did see many Hans Christian Anderson sculptures and I bought a hand-made replica of the "Little Mermaid" as my first souvenir. Coincidentally, our hostel is located on H.C. Anderson Blvd.
Copenhagen 2 (32).JPG
Off to the University in the morning!



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