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Day 4: Freeday to Elsewhere

Today is a complete freeday for us. However, we are to wake up at 4:00 AM to get ready and leave for the airport tomorrow morning. Some people are going to see more of Copenhagen or go outside of the city. Some people are going to explore the churches and museums. Some people are going to the Elsnor Castle where Shakespeare's Hamlet took place. About a third of us (including myself) are going to take a day trip to Malmo, Sweden across the sound.
Malmo 4 (10).JPG
When we arrive in Sweden, walked through the King's gardens and made our way to the castle/fort where the Danish-Swedish wars were quite intense in the 1600's. We ate at the fort's cafe and had meatballs, potatoes, cheese pie, and lingonberries.
Malmo 4 (11).JPG
We then walked through the fort and observed everything from Viking relics, to Medievel Armor, King's sleeping chambers, Royal Paintings, 1600's Flint Lock Weaponry, 19th-20th Century Fashion pieces, Ethnic Furniture, and Modern Art.
Malmo 4 (21).JPG
Afterwards, we headed to the coast and the piers to get a view of the sea. From there, we walked through some of the neighborhoods and shopping districts in downtown Malmo. Unfortunately, there wasn't much tourist shopping to do there. We then visited a few of the historic buildings and churches in Malmo. It looks much like Copenhagen, but much smaller and more affluent.
Malmo 4 (30).JPG


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