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Day 9: Aerodium Wind Power

Today we took a trip to an Aerodium site near Jelgavas to experience wind power in a completely different way.
Riga 5 (28).JPG
Imagine five 200 kW motors equipped with blades about 3 meters in diameter all channeling wind into a common tunnel.
Riga 5 (7).JPG
This tunnel is then pointed upwards through a safety net with large cushions around it.
Riga 5 (3).JPG
Now imagine jumping into this wind stream.
Riga 5 (11).JPG
You get Aerodium...
Riga 5 (62).JPG
We each had a few turns having fun. The instuctors even did little trick shows for us. We also got a little sun tanning in while waiting for others to participate since we had to split into 3 groups. Aerodium is also where Jackie Chan did some filming for his upcoming movie. We also got to meet his Latvian Stunt Double.

Afterwards, we went to a hotel nearby for a nice group lunch. We had plans to go to a national park for the remainder of the afternoon, but the Aerodium location had moved to the opposite side of the city as the park, and it took longer than expected. So the rest of the day was taking in the remainder of culture of Riga and any last minute souvenir shopping. We finished with a group dinner at a medievel restaurant.
Riga 5 (135).JPG


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