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Last Supper in Milan

Today is bittersweet as it's the last day in Milan. We all woke up early and went to visit Leonardo DaVinci's painting: The Last Supper. The painting was at the Chiesa di Santa Mria delle Grazi in Milan and regardless of the early 8:45 am tour I was ready to see the painting after enjoying my daily two cappuccinos at the local Caffeteria!

I was really inspired by how beautiful the iconic painting was. It spanned an entire wall, and has survived since the end of the 15th century (with the help of countless restorations). But coming from the perspective of a civil engineering student what was most inspiring was that the artist, Leonardo DaVinci is not only an artist but an unrivaled engineer and inventor as well.

After visiting the Last Supper we had some free time around Milan. A group of friends and I took a train to Lake Como north of Milan. The freshwater lake is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Italy. We took a boat tour around part of the lake and saw some superstar's and notorious people's mansions, highlights include George Clooney, Ricky Martin, Mussolini's past residence.


Photocredit Lindsay Ellingson

For all you transportation engineers out there, you need to visit Milan sometime! The subways are amazing! The subways come almost every minute, and are super easy to navigate!

Image of our construction tour yesterday


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