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So Long!

May 25-26th

First, I'd like to say its been a pleasure -- writing these blogs has been a great and, at times, frustrating experience. Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, and sending emails of encouragement.

Sunrise at Masada

This trip would not have been possible without the support, guidance and leadership of Prof. Marshak. Also, I cannot thank enough all of our tour guides, bus drivers, CSE/CSOM Staff and all those who made this a productive global classroom.

May 25th

Today, we ate breakfast, overlooking the modern city of Petra, at the Oscar Hotel.

Oscar Hotel

After that, we descended into the valley of the historical Petra, the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. We spent the whole day visiting the many the sites throughout the ancient city. Wafa even showed us the home of a man who refused to evacuate and is the last remaining inhabitant.



Al Khazneh


Some of us, including Prof. Marshak, made the over 1,000 step ascent to the ancient monastery.

Petra Monastery

From a hill next to the monastery we could see the Rift Valley in the distance.

Overlooking the Rift Valley from Petra

May 26th

We drove from Petra to the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. We arrived around midnight are a prepared to fly to Paris at 1am. This trip has been a great experience but I am going to join my colleagues and SLEEEP.

-Daniel Worku



I really enjoyed your blog.
Thanks for the efforts and wrestling with the slow upload speeds. Most of the internet connections here are asynchronous ( faster download than upload) Maybe with greater bandwith this will get better..
get some well deserved rest and give my regards to the entire group.

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