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The Colosseum and Roman Forum



Ciao Readers! It's Annie again getting ready to start day three in Rome. Three sights really stood out yesterday
1. The Colosseo (Colosseum)
2. The Forum
3. The Food!

We woke up early and took the Red and Blue Line (subway) to the southeast area of fome, the Colosseum. Standing majestically in Rome for almost 2000 years, the Colosseum has represented gladiators, games and copius amounts of white marble! Our amazing tour guide, Mario then took us to the Roman Forum, and the Arco de Costantino (Arch of Contstantine). These beauties are the heart of Rome, where people gathered for elections, speeches and worship.

Tours were followed by an amazing group dinner at the Roma de Sparita. The three course meal was complete with baked artichoke hearts, cacio e pepe (Spaghetti with romano) veal with eggs, and of course Vino! Delicious!




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