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The Field of Miracles

Greetings from Florence,

After two days of stay in La Spezia and exploration of the beautiful Cinque Terre, we departed for Florence in the morning. We made an en route stop at Pisa, to attend a lecture by Professor Villaggio and to visit the Piazza del Miracoli. The lecture was held at the Facolta di Ingegneria, which is one of the engineering building for the University of Pisa. Professor Villaggio initially planned on speaking about the History of Mechanics, but the lecture topic was changed to stones, due to the earthquake that occurred at Northern Italy two days ago. Some of the topics that were covered in the lecture: history of stone structures, mechanics, and multiple examples of structures made of stones (such as the aqueducts, arches and domes.


In the afternoon, we ascended the Tower of Pisa. At the top of this 57m high structure, viewers are treated to a spectacular view of the city of Pisa. After the trip up the tower, we visited the Cathedral of Pisa. The Cathedral and Tower are located in the Piazza dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles).


Upon arrival in Florence in the evening, we took a stroll to the Duomo of Florence and Ponte Vecchio. After the short walk around the city, we had the rest of the day to explore the city.




Looks like great weather and a fascinating agenda!

Thanks for sharing the great photos! Looks like it may be a bit warmer. I hope so.

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