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Welcome to Rome!


Hello Readers! I'm Anne, and I will be blogging with Chris on the Italy Structures Trip. We arrived in Rome yesterday at 9 am after an 8 hour flight from Charlotte, NC! After checking into our hotel, we started exploring Rome, "The Eternal City".

We started out visiting beautiful landmarks near our hotel, St. Peter's Square, and then onto the Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) The huge fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi, and is a whimsical rendition of Neptune on his chariot of sea horses! We all got a chance to ensure our chances of throwing coming back to the "City of Fountains" by throwing coins in for good luck!

We then visited the Pantheon, the largest standing unreinforced concrete dome in the world, built in AD 120. Finally, we ended our tour with some Gelato and by enjoying the warmth of the Spanish Steps in the Corso and Spagna section of the city.

The weather is great and all is well here in Rome!





That is way cool! I will be following along!

You've barely arrived and already you are seeing amazing sights and eating gelato! ..sounds terrific!

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