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Free day in the city

Today was a free day for us to venture into the city. Some students took this opportunity to get some rest after 3 weeks of traveling. I decided to visit the Pescaria (Fish Market) and the Erberia (greengrocer market) early in the morning. The Pescaria is a place for chefs and other locals to purchase fresh seafood. After that, I sat down in the 'hidden library' in San Tomas to read some Italian literature. I really enjoyed the paintings in the Scuola Grande di Santa Rocco, the ceiling of the upper hall and the side paintings of the lower hall were painted by one painter, Tintoretto. We had our final lecture by the Piazza San Stefano, the lecture topic was Fluid Statics.

Venice21.jpg Grand Canal


Venice27.jpg Pescaria (Fish Market)

Venice23.jpg Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Venice24.jpg Final lecture in Italy with Professor Ballarini by the Piazza San Stefano

Venice25.jpg Gelato at Piazza San Marco


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