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Greetings from Iceland!

After a 6 hour flight spanning 2939 miles from Minneapolis to Keflavik, the CSE Energy Production Methods in Scandinavia group made it to Iceland at 6:30 am local time, ready for a full day of exploring the unfamiliar island. We boarded a monster truck bus (pictured below) and set out to the place where Iceland begins, the Reykjanes Peninsula.
Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the European and North American continental plates are sliding away from each other at about an inch per year. This leads to Iceland being very tectonically active, forming its signature volcanos and hot springs. We visited several hot springs and volcanos throughout the day, experiencing their sulfur scent and learning about how, to the Icelandic people, that's the smell of money.
View from the top of Eldborg Volcano.
We finished up the day by driving around Thingvallavatn Lake, the largest lake in Iceland.

We've been up for 36 hours now, so we're going to bed now. More tomorrow!



great start guys - nice pics! keep 'em coming! miss u!

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