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Nordic beach barbecue and other activities!

Today after we attended a wonderful tour at the wind testing site sponsored by the Danish Technical University (see separate entry), we enjoyed the beach behind our cabins and also hosted our own cookout, played frisbee in the sand, and finished the evening by watching the sunset across the North Sea.

The North Sea

The group

It is fairly common to find pieces of amber in these beaches on the west coast of Denmark; however, we have not found any yet! Scattered around the beach though are old German bunkers from World War II, which we climbed all over.


We also learned that rapeseed fields span the western coast (and are as common as wind turbines!) as we drove through the country and the scenery is quite beautiful.


Coming from the busy city of Copenhagen, the relaxed lifestyle of the Danland community has treated us well. Now, we will be getting ready for our next country, Norway!



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This is how i see the perfect vacation! A bbq on the beach is everything i want when i stay in the office. Really. Great pictures. This is one of those days when you don't need to hire or other company to clean or order. You become one with the nature and have so much fun. This is when you feel alive! Great post!

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