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Peking and Tsinghua University



During our last weekday in Beijing, we visited two colleges whom kindly invited us to explore both their history and academic achievements. Both were filled with wonderful scenery and impressive projects. Peking University gave an interesting presentation on the advancement of GPU processing as well as the importance of unique techniques they've discovered. Afterward we were kindly treated to an authentic Chinese meal, where we tasted our first Beijing duck!


When we got to Tsinghua University, we were allowed to walk through their museum which held the history of both their alumni and university. Before being shown around, however, we were able to catch a glimpse of their curriculum in Computer Science and some of the projects they've made. Top students from the department answered questions about their classes, families and free time (the professors teasingly claimed they have none).



After the day was done, we went to a local restaurant which served hand flung noodles. The chef would pull and fling the dough around his head until they magically became the perfect size for eating. We also had crab, shrimp, and beef in a community pot in which we were able to cook our own meat. It was one of the most interesting meals I think we've ever eaten, and under 15 dollars; if anyone ever wants to eat like a king, China is the place to be!




Great experience! Looking forward to following your adventures over the next few weeks.

What an exciting and educational trip with fun included. Enjoying the blog with descriptions of what you are doing & pictures.

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