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What time is it? It doesn't matter! It's Iceland!

Our time in Iceland flew by as we hiked, climbed, and explored the land in the southern jut of Iceland. The past 72 hours have been a huge Icelandic adventure and a truly great way to start off our trip on a positive note!

The city of Reykjavik bustled at night and the locals welcomed us as we walked around the streets exploring the ships and restaurants and the colorful Icelandic architecture, while enjoying the mountain and ocean panoramic views around the city.


A highlight of the trip to Iceland included the low mountain area called ├×ingvellir where the North American and European continental plates meet, creating a beautiful low valley area full of wandering crevices and streams filled with the cleanest and clearest water on earth. This place is very special and holy to Iceland because the first democratic government was formed here during the Viking age. See pictures below



Our visits have been very memorable and the laid back Icelandic culture has treated us well throughout our time here. Thanks to our wonderful professor and tour guide, Paul and Pol, we have experienced a taste of the culture and learned lots about geothermal energy and the energy innovation that takes place in Iceland.


More to come soon about our first night in Copenhagen!



Really nice! Keep up the good work!

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