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Bittersweet goodbye to Denmark

Before we took the ferry over to Norway, we spent a lovely day touring the northern tip of Denmark. We visited two different geological phenomenons that cause sand dune buildup on one section of the coast and sand degradation just down the beach.

This lighthouse on the coast will be buried in a matter of years by the sand build up that results from the wind blowing the coast up onto the surrounding area

This coast is being eroded at a rate of 7 meters per year (21 feet!)

We walked a long way to the most northern tip where the North Sea and Baltic sea meet...
and the view was spectacular! The city on the very tip of Jutlland where we toured is called Skagen and we enjoyed a Scandinavian lunch of fresh shrimp shipped from Greenland before we left to catch our ferry to Norway :)

Hi Hi (as the Danish say goodbye) and more updates to come!



As an alumnus of the U and this program, it's fun to re-live these experiences again through your blog. Much of what I saw and learned on this trip has helped shape how I view our use of resources and influence how I professionally contribute to the power industry today. I hope everyone is taking in as much as they possibly can because this course will stay with you for a lifetime.

Thanks for the link, Joey, and be good to Dr. Imbertson!

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