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It's alive!!!

In two days it will be a battle royal between the robots of mechatronics 2013! An event that will pit team against team, bot against bot, in an all out robot rover RUUUMMMBBBBLLLE! and by brawl I mean the robots will pick up pay loads and return them to their base while respectfully avoiding the other robots.

It's really more like a robot race than a war, but you would be hard pressed to find a friendly competition with more trash talking. Despite the ever present humor war, everyone has been helping out other teams with de-bugging their bot. It would probably make for a nice CBS movie special.

The competition will take place on Friday morning. We will get to set way points for out bots, and an action for it to complete at each way point, but we cannot touch or aide our robot after the start. Two teams will compete at a time, and the teams will be divided up into two groups. There are three teams per group. Each team will go head to head with the other two teams in their section. Whichever team has the most points at the end will advance to the finals. Points are scored by bringing payloads back to their home base. The more difficult it is to get a payload the more points it will be worth.


It is going to be an exciting culmination of three weeks of programming, sweat, blood and tears. Don't worry, I'm being facetious in my use of that colloquialism. No one has been injured or cried, but these last weeks have been a big challenge for everyone.



Botmania is alive and well in Minnesota!!

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