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China 2013

Jun 7, 13

CUHK, Buddha and Home.

We ended our trip with a visit to CUHK, which was very informative. There were presentations by undergraduate and graduate stuends including touch screen keyboards, improved circuit designs, and through-body signal processing.


Jun 5, 13

Seveco & Shenzhen Museum

Today (Wednesday) was the longest day we've had, and perhaps was one of my favorite times on the trip. We were graciously invited to come and see a factory in mainland China which produced products for Honeywell, Primos, and Lightspeed.


Jun 4, 13

Sight Seeing, ASTRI, & HKUST

Monday morning we had some extra time to take a tour of Hong Kong. First stop was the beach of course. (Which was fairly unexpected for me at least; beaches aren't the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of China.)


Jun 2, 13

Shopping, IBM and Hong Kong!

Friday morning we were given the option to go "bartering" at local markets. The normal situation would consist of a shop keeper giving us an item price and us countering with an offer of 10-30%. The counter-prices seem drastic, but since we are picked out as foreigners, we have to realize that we are being over charged. A lot of the times we'd end up getting the price we asked for if we "tried" to leave.


May 30, 13


We started out Thursday with a trip to AMD who makes microprocessors / embedded systems. After they gave us a presentation about the China groups' progress we were able to talk to many of the top engineers from the field. After AMD, the rest of the class went to Credo Semiconductors and OmniVision while Caleb Nelson and I visited 3M. From what I heard, many of the students enjoyed their trips though I personally can't say since I wasn't with them. I'm hoping to grab some pictures from these two places for everyone back home.


May 30, 13

Shanghai - A Whole Different Dragon

We have arrived in the city of 25 million people! I've been to New York City, and I can say that Shanghai's Skyline dwarfs it easily! (The skyscrapers here go on forever; the land size of Shanghai is about 5 times bigger than New York city and the population is 3 times bigger.) Since we've had so much to do, I've made an effort to load as many pictures as I can for readers. (The internet connection in China isn't very good, thus it takes a while.)


May 28, 13

Historical China

There have been so many things to see and places to be it's been hard finding time to collect my thoughts to blog. We spent the weekend exploring the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Ming Tombs.


May 24, 13

Peking and Tsinghua University

During our last weekday in Beijing, we visited two colleges whom kindly invited us to explore both their history and academic achievements. Both were filled with wonderful scenery and impressive projects. Peking University gave an interesting presentation on the advancement of GPU processing as well as the importance of unique techniques they've discovered. Afterward we were kindly treated to an authentic Chinese meal, where we tasted our first Beijing duck!


May 23, 13


Our day started with a visit to Microsoft Research Asia (MRSA), in which we explored new technologies and ideas through interaction and play. After being fully immersed in touch screens and high tech cameras, we were able to talk to a few of the interns face-to-face. Many of our students enjoyed talking about research, Beijing, and personal thoughts. MRSA was a great host and we are extremely thankful for such a unique opportunity.


May 22, 13

北京 - Beijing

Alas, we have arrived in safe and sound in Beijing. Some unfortunate flight delays stalled our excursion, however the extra time allowed the group to get properly acquainted. Apart from talking, most of us spent our time finishing the book "River Town" by Peter Hessler. You could say we had an amusing miniature book club going on, which I'd go on about, but I'd hate to give away any spoilers.


May 3, 13

Cutting-Edge Circuits and Systems in China--Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong - EE 3940

MAY 19-JUNE 7, 2013

Professor Jerry Sobelman (electrical and computer engineering) will lead a program in 2013 exploring the current state of research and development activities in electrical and computer engineering in three major Chinese cities! Combining corporate, research organizations, and university visits with faculty and guest lectures, students will have a unique window into the technical development and industries of China.