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To Hell and back, and then home

The last couple travel days were interesting. Our original schedule was the following:
First, we fly from Bergen to Trondheim, where we wait an hour. Then we fly to Reykjavik, where we have a two-hour layover before flying home to Minneapolis, arriving at about 6 p.m. central time on Monday, June 9.

On the flight from Bergen to Trondheim, however, a bird hit an instrument on the plane and did so much damage we needed to wait for a new plane.

We then spent seven hours in the airport near Trondheim, in a town called Hell. I am not even kidding. We were stuck in Hell for seven hours. Hell wasn't actually as bad as I thought, as we were provided $50 in meal tickets during our wait.

This is what Hell looks like. I would be fine with not going back there.

photo (2).JPG

After escaping Hell, we ended up in Reykjavik and spent an unplanned night in Iceland (the night of June 9). Breakfast and lunch were provided the next day, and then we caught a shuttle to the airport.

Fortunately, our last leg of the flight went off without a hitch and we landed safe and sound in Minneapolis. I cannot believe this trip is over!

If you are a student, you should study abroad (if you haven't already). If you are reading this and know a student, make them study abroad.

The perspective I gained from learning in a foreign place will be indescribably helpful down the road. I am a much more interesting person now, too. I tried raw whale, hiked through a volcano, biked in the streets of Copenhagen, swam in a fjord, and made some very close friends.


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