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Tanzania 2014

Jan 19, 14

Safari at Ruaha National Park

We spent two days at the Ruaha National Park, which is famous for its elephant population. We saw elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, red-helmeted guinea fowl, lions, baboons, cheetahs, ostriches, zebras, and more!


Jan 17, 14

Evaluating water systems in Kising'a

We visited Kising'a to evaluate their current water system. The system connects the village to a water source 2 km away, but the thin pipes have had numerous breaks. After examining the system, we set out to an untapped water source 7 km from Kising'a. We studied the source and assessed the possibility of a gravity-fed system that could bring more clean water to the village.


Jan 16, 14

Developing water solutions for Mtera Secondary School

Today we worked with the Mtera Secondary School today on their challenge of having a clean water source that is being contaminated by an insufficient storage system. Currently, this water system is in ruins, and is not serving the needs of the school. We tested the water quality and examined their well and pump system. Our next step is to look at the design alternatives and decide on a cost-effective, high-impact solution.


Jan 15, 14

Lukani Village Excursion

One of the main reasons for visiting Lukani was to see if we could figure out a reasonable way to provide water for the Dispensary and potentially use solar energy. We assessed the state of current water sources (both natural and pumps) by testing if the water was clean, tested the pump's function, and looked for any potential improvements.


Jan 9, 14

Visit to Orphanage

We will be leaving the comforts of the Western Civilization. Don't expect to hear from us for a couple days. We'll be off the grid--finally! We didn't come to Africa to have a cushy trip. We came here to get our hands dirty.


Jan 9, 14

Village of Kiponzero

Today we had breakfast at the Lutheran Center and then traveled to the village of Kiponzero to check out some of their water resources. We spoke with a doctor at the dispensary, tried to carry buckets of water on our heads (and failed), took water samples from current wells and open water resources, had lunch with some of the village residents, and hung out and sang to some of the kids in the primary school.


Jan 7, 14

Iringa University

On our fourth full day in Tanzania, we worked on specific fluid dynamic problems for a nearby village and visited the bustling markets of Iringa. We then toured the campus of Iringa University and were introduced to three students who will be traveling to villages with us on Friday. Finally, we settled down to an excellent Italian dinner at Mama Iringa's restaurant.


Jan 6, 14

Our first day in Iringa

Our first full day in Iringa included sociopolitical discussions about Tanzania, a lecture on fluid mechanics, and perfect weather.


Jan 5, 14

From Dar Es Salaam to Iringa

Yesterday we embarked on a 10-hour bus ride from Dar Es Salaam. We encountered heavy traffic, but saw some beautiful scenery. The weather is also, thankfully, much cooler, not as cool as back home in Minnesota in January, though!


Jan 4, 14

First full day in Tanzania

All of our first full day in Tanzania was spent in Dar es Salaam. We eased into the day, taking into account the jet lag we were all experiencing. Highlights of the day included meeting our Tanzania drilling specialist, the carver's market (well-known for its beautiful ebony carvings), and dinner at a nice restaurant in Dar, on the shore of the Indian Ocean.


Jan 3, 14

We've arrived!

Everyone and all of our bags made it to Tanzania just fine.


Dec 6, 13

Design for Life: Water in Tanzania ME 3080

Jan. 2-19, 2014

Access to reliable clean water is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. College of Science and Engineering associate dean and professor Paul Strykowski (mechanical engineering) will lead a group of students on a seminar to Tanzania during winter break 2013-14 for a hands-on engineering challenge with real-world impact.