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Final Preparations

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.�

Today was a day of fluidity, as the race organizers changed many things previously established. One such change was the addition of a monetary prize for first, second, and third places in both the rally and the track race. This will be extra motivation for a team already having their hearts set on success. Though some aspects of the fluidity have been frustrating (hence the quote of the prayer), the team and Borealis III have taken the changes in stride. We still have questions about the overall function of the event, but we will do our best, regardless of the circumstances.

Today’s preparations were mostly for tomorrow’s scrutineering. In the morning, Borealis III will be poked, prodded, and tested to its limits, but we are confident that the car and team will pass with flying colors.

As we move toward the start of the race, we would like to thank all of those whom support the team and car. Due to your backing, we have had the opportunity to touch the hearts and touch the lives of so many people in Taiwan. Many have left a similar impression on us. Regardless of our finish, we will take away far more from this trip than we could have ever imagined.

Please keep the safety of the organizers and teams in your mind as we take to the road for testing and scrutineering.

Patrick O’Connor
Project Manager

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