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Race Preparations: Day 2

It was a long and hectic day today as preparing for the race days continued. The mechanical team worked hard to fix an issue with the brakes, the electrical team continued working on ensuring proper operation of electronics, and the aerodynamics team (who are all drivers of the solar car) was sent to scout out the first section of the race route.

Things were going quite well until we discovered a few interesting rule interpretations that were not written explicitly before. For example, one large change is that it seems that they require the drivers to wear some sort of fire-protective suits. We have concerns both on how we can get such a suit on short notice and whether the drivers are really any safer in that suit. We believe that the drivers will be more prone to heat exhaustion and dehydration when wearing the long, rather thick sleeves of the suit in 90 degree, extremely humid weather.

We have heard the forecast regarding the typhoon Shanshan, which is currently heading straight for Taiwan. The forecast suggests that the typhoon will turn north before it gets here, which could mean pleasant weather and racing conditions next week.

Tomorrow is more of the same, but we hope to be finished with race preparations in time for some sightseeing on Thursday.

-Jason Allen

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