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ASC Day 5 and 6

The team has made it safely to Albuquerque, NM yesterday at 6:04 pm. Currently we are in second place behind by only 2 hour and 50 minutes behind. Our fix to the rear suspension has worked well for us, we have already put 400 miles on the repair and it is still looking good. The team is doing great and we are all rested and ready for the next stage of the race. We have some serious mountains to climb on our way to Flagstaff and some big downhills to ride on our way to Barstow. If everything goes well, we should be in Flagstaff area around the end of the day on sunday. Thanks again for all the support, the team really appreciates it.

Currently we are waiting for the remaining teams to show up here, we will begin racying again sunday morning at 9:01am.



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