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Minnesota Drops to Second

The arrival times are in and Michigan has retaken the lead as of Medicine Hat. Michigan arrived into the checkpoint at 11:20 am, with Minnesota arriving 38 minutes later at 11:58 am. The overall lead in Winnipeg was only 27 minutes meaning Michigan is now in the lead by 11 minutes. Third to arrive at the checkpoint was M.I.T. at a time of 12:24 pm, followed closely by University of Waterloo at 12:25 pm. Last to arrive at the checkpoint for now was University of Missouri - Rolla at 1:05 pm.

University of Minnesota had a great charge this morning, and things were looking good on the road as the team sped down Canada's highway 1 at the speed limit. However, the weather's always a factor and high cirrus clouds at first, and mostly cloudy skies near the end prevented the team from maintaining the speed limit, allowing Michigan to gain precious minutes.

The team has tomorrow off, as other vehicles collect at the Medicine Hat Stage Point, and then there's the final short stage into Calgary. Driving 2500 miles and yet having the lead separated only by 11 minutes is astounding and Wednesday should prove to be an exciting day. In the meantime, the team will use tomorrow to charge up the car, and make any final preparations for the finish. Wish us luck.

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