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Minnesota Passes Michigan


It is a day of weather and we are playing a cat in mouse game. It was looking glum at first as we had to maintain slow speeds due to heavy overcast skies and thunderstorms. On top of that, the competition is tight. University of Missouri - Rolla passed us early in the morning and M.I.T. is close on our tail. Everyone is driving slow at 35 mph. The good news is that Michigan had to pull over on the side of the road and Minnesota has just passed their car. The weather has made it an interesting day of racing.

3:00 pm: Borealis III finally made it to the Topeka media stop, and it was quite an exciting time getting there. M.I.T. passed us this morning, but soon after we passed Rolla as they sat in a gas station charging their array. M.I.T. and us were inching along the highway at 20 mph, until our car simply ran out of electricity 500 feet before the top of a hill. We had to sit on the road for about twenty minutes waiting to charge and then when we finally had enough juice we inched our way to the top of the hill. Once there we could glide down out of the weather and into the sun. Unfortunately, as we were waiting Waterloo passed us putting us in third. It was a long morning through a lot of weather but we made it. We are now cruising north of Topeka enjoying the blue sky.

11:00 pm: We cruised at the speed limit the rest of the day enjoying marvelous blue skies. An hour outside of Topeka we passed Waterloo, and now are second behind M.I.T. We had a great sunset and charge and are looking for a great day of racing tomorrow.

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