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Oh Canada...

Today the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project goes international for the first time over the course of a race when we enter Canada. We are currently cruising the sunny road of Highway 75 and anticipate an arrival into Fargo at 10:00 am. We look forward to seeing all our friends and family. After Fargo we make a run for the border and hopefully will make Winnipeg tonight.

The team made it to Winnipeg Thursday evening and were the first to arrive to a great crowd and lots of press. Zac Kahly began the day driving Borealis III from Ortonville, MN to Fargo, ND. The weather in Ortonville was exquisite, showing all the other teams why we love our great state of Minnesota. We passed M.I.T.'s camping spot, as they were getting ready to put their car on the road. Showing true Minnesota hospitality, an Ortonville farmer opened up his property for M.I.T. to camp on as well as providing some morsels for the team to eat.

After two hours the University of Minnesota arrived in Fargo with M.I.T. about ten minutes behind. Completing the thirty minutes required stopping time at the checkpoint, the team rolled out as Michigan rolled in. John Wanner was now driving the car as the team prepared for a long leg to Winnipeg.

The team crossed the border into Canada in the town of Pembina. With our own lane reserved at customs, the team got through pretty quick, too quick for the cameramen. The border agent stood at the window of the lead van telling the team that she had no more questions but had to stand there just for the cameras.

Once in Canada, the highway had flashing signs that read "Use caution for slow moving solar vehicles." As Borealis III sped by at 100 km/h we kept our eyes out for these rumored slow moving vehicles.

Borealis III was the first car to arrive at the Winnipeg stage stop, followed closely behind by M.I.T. and then Michigan. The team is so glad to be in Winnipeg for now we have two solid days and three nights to charge the car's batteries with the sun and to charge our own batteries with some much needed sleep. Up until today, the team has seen every sunrise and sunset for the past 10 days.

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