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Onward to Minnesota

7: 30 am: The team is currently charging our car and getting ready to race on up to Sioux Falls and then Minnesota. We are anticipating a 1:00 pm arrival into Sioux Falls if all goes well. After Sioux Falls we turn right and cross into Minnesota, following Highway 75 through Pipestone and on up to Fargo. We probable will not make Fargo this evening, so if any Gopher fans cannot make the Sioux Falls checkpoint today, you can always come and see us at the Fargo checkpoint tomorrow. We would love to see you there. And of course people can plop down a lawn chair anywhere on highway 75 and watch the solar cars roll through. Stay tuned for more updates.

10:15 am: In Herman, NE Minnesota passed M.I.T, and is now in the lead. With Peter Meinz behind the wheel, Borealis III passed just north of a thunderstorm. Minnesota was lucky to avoid most of the storm but M.I.T. unfortunately hit hail. The skies are clear now and the team is expecting a 2:15 pm arrival now in Sioux Falls. See you there.

Borealis III entered Sioux Falls, SD at around 1:30 pm with a police escort leading the way. The reception into the checkpoint was incredible with huge crowds, dozens of news crews, and flags and fanfare everywhere. We chatted with all the solar car fans as long as we could, but since we only have 30 minutes at the checkpoint, we had to quickly change drivers and get ready for the next leg. M.I.T. arrived at the checkpoint about 15 minutes after us and Michigan arrived as we were leaving.

Out of Sioux Falls we headed east and brought Borealis III to the homefront as we crossed the Minnesota border. The team was so happy to be racing in our homeland as the rolling fields of corn and soy were so much more beautiful then the dead grass of Texas. As we passed through Pipestone, the streets were lined with kids holding up signs that said "Honk if you love the sun," to which the caravan immediately followed suit.

The team is spending the night in Ortonville and will head out to Fargo tomorrow. Thanks for all the updates everyone, and like Brad Schulz keeps saying, come to Fargo!

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