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Thank you Winnipeg!

9:00 am: Borealis III is starting this morning from the Manitoba capitol in downtown Winnipeg. We had a great stay here thanks to the folks of Winnipeg and our great hosts at Red River College. The penalties have been assessed this morning and the start order is generally unchanged. Minnesota is in first, Michigan is in second, M.I.T. is in third and Rolla is in fourth. Our time ahead of Michigan is still around one half hour. We will be starting in one minute intervals so we will have Michigan right behind us all day. Should make for an interesting day of racing.

5:20 pm: It's a nail biter. Borealis III just left the Regina checkpoint behind Michigan by 19 minutes. We're still in the lead but the margin is shrinking. Today was a windy one, with 20 mph winds right on the nose of the car, so a speed of 65 mph over the road feels like 85 to the car. Michigan passed Minnesota early in the day and has been gaining ever since. We will not know the exact split until we arrive in Medicine Hat tomorrow, but it'll be close. M.I.T. arrived at the Regina checkpoint 15 minutes after Minnesota and Rolla arrived as Borealis III left the grounds. We'll keep you posted.

9:00 pm: We had a great day of driving. We lost time to Michigan, but we drove well and the team operated superbly. We charged this evening next to some gorgeous scenery so be sure to check out the pictures.

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