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We're still alive

Hey everyone!

Day 3 has been a fantastic day of solar car, culture, fun and adventure. For the first time, the team took the car out onto the test track using the shell. Drivers reached speeds upwards to 50mph around corners and completing quarter-mile runs in as little as 25-seconds. No specific problems were found during the testing but word has it that the electrical team may be able to squeeze a few more watts out of the car.

Meanwhile, the Borealis III team got a bit of media attention! Today, members of the press from various media organizations in Taiwan came to take pictures, film, and talk to the teams. All of the teams were brought onto the track for an exhibition and photo shoot.

The city of Koahsiung continues to impress us. Today we learned that it isn’t too hard to get around without knowing the language, when we managed to find and order lunch without a translator. Meanwhile, I myself came back to a drink stand I’d seen earlier without a guide and was able to order my drink of choice with relatively little embarrassment.

Pictures are coming! Adem and I are working on selecting the cream of the crop from the nearly one-thousand pictures that we’ve taken. We know that everyone is anxiously awaiting their arrival, so we hope they will be up fairly soon!

Once again, all is well with the team. We wish the best to our families back home and are grateful for your support, as well as the support from our gracious sponsors, including the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology and Lockheed-Martin.

-David Grilli

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