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Current Standings

1. Michigan
2. Principia
3. FH Bochum
4. Waterloo
5. Misourri S&T/Rolla
6. Calgary

(I don't remember the rest, check for updates)


Way to go Gophers!! 5th Place even with all your "opportunities" with the Solar Car. Looks like Principia is really giving Michigan a run for their money. Lots of miles to go and I'm sure you will make up time in the coming days. Keep the reports coming in and hope you are speaking Canadian later today, Eh?

Go Gophers! The Energy Management folks at the University are watching the progress. You have had some challenges! As engineers, these life lessons from the rayce are teaching you more than you know. The team work between the teams to keep everyone in the rayce has to make for a very fun environment. Keep your head up, think and get those guys in the lead, especially those blue and yellow guys. You can still do it.

A 2005 Solar Car Dad
2008 Solar Car Crew Chief's Employer and a...
Solar Car Junkie

Way to go Minnesota. It was great seeing all of the solar cars roll my home town of Canby, MN today!! Good Luck!

This posting is really from my sister Ann Somers...
I've been booted off three times yesterday; your site thought that I was trash-talking or something. Too bad, because those were really funny messages, eh? (The Somers can say that because our Dad is Canadian.) Tell Morgan that Louise read blog entries to Eileen and Larry since they aren't big on the computer.

We are all cheering for you. You've jumped up two positions since I've last logged on! Way to go! May the sun shine on your solar panels, the wind be at your back and may the equipment whose--ee-what's-its run 100% GRD and go team go!

Regardless of where you place in this race, we want you all to know that we are SO proud of your accomplishments. We were fortunate to be in Plano, Texas for qualifying and the start of the race and the sportsmanship and dedication from the U of M team was awesome to see. We wish you luck in the race but you are already winners in what matters most in life.

Thanks for the info! For many of us, following this race electronically is both exciting and challenging. We love to get information on how you are doing. Know that you have many people cheering for you, in addition to those of us who leave comments.

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