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End of First Day

Minnesota ended the first day of racing with 169 laps on the official count. All four drivers were able to get some time in the car, and all three of our tire changes went quickly and relatively smoothly. We were well in the lead, with an estimated 40 laps on our nearest competitors, Waterloo and Northwestern. However, both of them were running near or at our pace for much of the day; a single incident could easily place either or both of them ahead of us.

It's not over yet folks, we've got two more days to go!

It's time for us to pack up for the night, as we've got to wake up early and charge in the morning.

Remember to check out our twitter during the race day for more frequent updates!

- Adem Rudin
Crew Chief


Great job! Judy and I are so proud of you all. The 8 hour time difference means your day is over when mine starts. Wish I could follow your progress more real time. That roll over must have been very scarry. I saw one in Tiawan, it changes your view of CG management forever. Who would have thought that a lighting strike would be a solar car problem? One more issue to put into our design review process.

Stay strong and have a good time! Has the weather improved?

Go, go, go Gopers, go, go, go! Is anyone taking pictures? Please postthem, I so would love to be there with you! Go suck up that sunshine! Rayce away!

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