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Racing: Day 1.5

All systems go, running 3-4 minute laps with Northwestern and Waterloo hot on our trail. Waterloo flipped on its side and landed on its wheels - no injuries and some cosmetic and little array damage. They are now dynamic testing to get back on the track. Currently leading by 6 laps over Northwestern and 20 over Waterloo.


Oh man, I miss this! Great job guys, keep it up!

This is great! Keep it up, everyone. Is everyone from Waterloo ok? That must have been very freaky to flip over . . . Be careful out there!

Waterloo had to go back through dynamic inspection, but later got back out on the track. Their driver was shaken up and had a few scrapes and scratches, but was otherwise fine.

Sounds like it's been quite the adventure so far. Glad to hear Waterloo is getting back out there.

I'll bet the tires are loving those 3-4 minute laps!

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