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 IT Student Voices: Lindsey Jader

IT Student Voices: Lindsey Jader

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IT Student Voices

Chemical engineers design processes and facilities in which matter undergoes chemical and physical transformation. They work in a wide range of industries to solve technical problems and to create or improve products. From energy resources and pollution control to biotechnology, chemical engineers apply their skills to some of society's most pressing challenges and work to improve our quality of life.


The U of M's chemical engineering program is among the best in the world. Its graduates have distinguished themselves in academic, industrial, and government careers.

Since chemical engineering is based on applications of chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, mathematics, and economics, as a chemical engineering major, you will complete a broad-based program of science and technical courses as well as an elective area of emphasis. A complementary second major in chemistry or materials science also can be completed.

You may also gain valuable experience through undergraduate research conducted under faculty supervision or through an internship that combines work with academic study. The curriculum's breadth and flexibility make chemical engineering a great choice if you plan to pursue graduate study in medical sciences, materials science, business administration, or patent law.

Chemical Engineering Careers: Petrochemicals | Biotechnology | Food Process Engineering | Polymer Manufacturing | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing | Research and Development | Manufacturing Production Engineering | Quality Consulting

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