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 IT Student Voices: Ryan Schmidt

IT Student Voices: Ryan Schmidt

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IT Student Voices

Electrical engineers generate technological advances that impact virtually every aspect of modern life. They design and develop components, software, and systems for many products we use daily, from computers, cell phones, and fax machines to cars, home appliances, and entertainment systems.


The electrical engineering program gives you a strong foundation in science, mathematics, and computer science. You have the opportunity for in-depth study in one of several specialized areas: biomedical engineering, telecommunications and signal processing, control systems, electric energy systems and power electronics, microelectronic devices and circuit design, or optics and magnetic recording.

Regardless of the emphasis selected, you will become familiar with the essential tools of modern electrical engineering, learn to analyze and interpret data, and apply experimental techniques and design skills. The program also emphasizes creative thinking and problem solving, communication skills, teamwork, and the professional and ethical responsibilities of an electrical engineer.

Physics Careers: Audio Engineer | Component Engineer | Design Engineer | Magnetic Recording Engineer | Microwave Engineer | Production Engineer | Signal Processing Engineer | Systems Engineer

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