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 IT Student Voices: Valerie Bastian

IT Student Voices: Valerie Bastian

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IT Student Voices

Physicists explore the fundamental properties, laws, and structure of all forms of matter, living and nonliving. They examine the relationships among space, time, matter, and energy. Studies range from the very smallest subatomic elementary particles to the galaxies that form the universe.


The University's physics undergraduate program offers a flexible, real-world approach and provides a strong background for pursuing various career options.

Students pursue a common core curriculum supplemented with courses in one of six areas of emphasis: professional physics, engineering, biology, teaching, computation, or materials. A key part of the curriculum is the Methods in Experimental Physics course, which teaches students how to use experimental equipment, to design and construct experiments, and to present their results in a professional format.

Faculty advisors help to plan a program and select courses that meet your academic goals. You are also encouraged to participate in research, either independently or as part of one of the department's research groups. Many research opportunities include paid employment.

Physics Careers: Academic Researcher | Health Physicist | Industrial Physicist | Laboratory Director | Nuclear Physicist | Research Physicist | Teacher | Theoretical Physicist

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