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Support Dropped for Older Versions of Firefox and Reader

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Between now and April, the University Active Directory/Computer Management community is planning to drop support for deploying and patching older versions of two popular applications: Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and Adobe Reader 9. Newer versions of the products have been out for some time, and there is declining development on the older versions. Additionally, it is not cost-effective to maintain multiple versions of the products.

Firefox 3.6: The Computer Management committee already has plans to support a new initiative by the Mozilla community to support Firefox 10 ESR (Extended Support Release). The ESR version of Firefox is for use by enterprises, public institutions, universities and other organizations that centrally manage their Firefox deployments. (For more information see: Delivering a Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release.)

Adobe Reader 9: The Computer Management community has heard no negative feedback about dropping Reader 9 support, and is planning to stop patching and deploying it for Active Directory machines. Adobe Reader X (10) will be the supported release.

If you have applications that are dependent on either of these particular product versions or have concerns that either of these changes will degrade or break a critical business process for the University, please let us know. ITSS will share any feedback you may have with the Computer Management committee. Please report any concerns to the ITSS HelpDesk by emailing or calling x8847.

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