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Social Engineering

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SANS - a cooperative research and education organization - provides a variety of information security training and resources . The "SANS Securing The Human" site posts a new security awareness video each month to help people change behavior so they can leverage technology more safely and effectively. This month's video, "Social Engineering," explains what social engineering is, gives several common examples, and offers simple steps to protect yourself against it. See: Monthly Awareness Video.

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After review I have forwarded this to my supervisor and recommended it be viewed by managers in our department. Even though this is posted from ITSS, it is being questioned because it is not distributed as a recommendation from ITSS to pursue. I think the individual character of the targeting warrants people knowing what to do to protect themselves. Some will do all, some will do some as a choice, but knowing is what can prevent.
I hope further thought about how to present this information will be considered AND come with clear support of ITSS/OIT.

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