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New Adobe Student Prices

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Adobe is discontinuing the Student/Teacher Software title model. Starting June 7, 2013, they are moving to a card activation system. Students will buy a card for their Adobe software and it will be activated by UMD Stores.

A new option is a "Cloud" subscription - a 12 month subscription to any and all Adobe products for $29.99/month ($359.88 annual purchase). The subscription must be renewed every 12 months. The Cloud subscription includes automatic upgrades and access to all Adobe products for 12 months from the time of activation.

Perpetual licenses will still be available as well, although the prices have increased significantly:

  • Design and Web Premium $599.00 (old price was $349.00)
  • Production Premium $599.00 (old price was $349.00)
  • Design Standard $449.00 (old price was $199.00)
  • Photoshop Extended $349.00 (old price was $169.00)
  • Dreamweaver $149.00 (old price was $119.00)
  • Acrobat Pro $119.00 (old price was $55.00)

1 Comment

How perpetual is a "perpetual" license? Until the next upgrade?

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