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Improve Accessibility: Think Before You Link

A link that only says "Click Here" or anything else that is very generic such as "follow this link" or "more information" is difficult for some people to use because there's no specific content in that link nor a clear sense of its actual destination. To improve it use meaningful link text. It should describe the result of the user action, not describe the user action.

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Web Accessibility Training

Here's your chance to learn Web accessibility with instructor-led online courses. The UMD Accessibility Task Force recommends that all UMD developers complete this training, which covers key areas of accessible Web development.

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7 Things You Should Know about IT Accessibility

This quick read from EDUCAUSE provides essential information on accessibility, including potential implications and opportunities.

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Captioning Video

Do you have video material on the Web or use it in your courses? Are these materials captioned?

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Is Your Web Site Accessible?

Reminder: the deadline for making legacy University of Minnesota Web pages WCAG AA compliant is approaching.

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New Accessibility Training Video Available

The video "Course Foundations of UX: Accessibility" is available to University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff via

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Web Accessibility Training

Learn Web accessibility with instructor-led online courses.

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Read&Write Gold Learning Technology Suite

UMD students, faculty and staff have access to Read&Write Gold software, which has the capability to help improve learning for everyone regardless of ability or learning style.

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Read&Write Gold Now Available in Active Directory

Read&Write Gold is now available in the Software Center for faculty and staff with computers on Active Directory.

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Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 15

Discover what Accessibility Awareness Day is and check out over 30 ways you can celebrate it.

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