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Before beginning the exercise, I had a long romp with my dogs in the yard. Tennis balls, sticks, old shoes, and two streaking Golden Retrievers were involved. I was in a playful, but slightly tuckered-out mood when I began idea generation.

I generated (in a couple of sessions) the map below on the theme: Winter

A major subtheme is the dogs in winter: how to keep them well, how to keep me in one piece, etc. Second would be Writing, a principle activity in winter. Third, legislation. Not very good for creating products I'm afraid. I'm more about actions and ideas.

One product idea: Easy on dog booties


They gather around the paw, rather than having to pull them over. I think this would be less struggle for the dog, and therefore help the owner.

Second product idea: Make Minneapolis a dog-safe city. Ban use of chemicals for sidewalk (and lawn) treatment that harm pets. If not banned, require safe and visible signage. Reduce license cost to encourage more licensing.


A "Backpack Cover" that can be deployed when it rains.


This would attach to the straps with velcro. Waterproof or -resistant material. Unzip to cover backpack when it rains. For those of us who resist coats and umbrellas, but carry electronics.

A dining club concept...


I envision this as a subscription or package type service designed to allow less adventurous eaters to explore all of the wonderful foods available in our community. First, various restauranteurs would be approached regarding booking a night for a party of 10 to 12. The evening would include an ethnic menu, (with expert guidance on ingredients and how to eat), entertainment (cultural music or dance), perhaps a multi-media tour, and a coupon to return for a reduced price meal on another occasion. These would be scheduled approx. 1/month (more if it is popular). Marketing would be to sell packages of 1, 3, 6, or 12 evenings (with price reductions) Transportation could be optional.

A pet gym (primarily safe exercise environment):


Provide 24 hour, key card access to a gym facility with treadmills, covered (or at least well shoveled) walking track, and possibly a lap pool. Envision offering other services including pet nutritionist.

Canine Condos placed outside of malls and grocery stores; theaters.


I like to walk my guys to the store or when I go shopping. Since we have a dogphobic society, I have to tie them up outside. Not cool as I've seen dogs teased, fed foods they can't tolerate, etc. My condos would be like bike lockers... rent by the hour, water, heat (or A/C) provided, etc. Could even provide an option for monitoring via smartphone while you are away.

Matching service... places and people who want to exercise dogs with dogs (& their masters) who have challenges getting them enough exercise.

{Graphic coming}

Joggers/runners who would like to take a dog along matched with folks who have trouble giving their pets enough exercise. (I.e., Me - I walk my 18 mo. old Golden Retriever 3 times a day most days, but I can only walk. He wants to R-U-N! I know there are others in similar situations or older people who can't get out much in the winter.) Take dogs to senior homes and encourage exercise through taking the dogs for a walk. (Less winter related, but the idea came on... :-) )

Working on other more "producty" ideas.


I can't believe how much effort you put into your mind map and illustrations! The pet gym diagram is outstanding, you clearly put a LOT of effort into planning this. You only have 5 of the 10 required ideas, but in my opinion the detail and thought you put into them makes up for that. The mind map is also the best I have seen so far in terms of legibility. I have to ask though, did you do the mind-map on paper first and then translate it to a computer? Otherwise, working off the top of your head in such a rigidly structured environment may be slightly counter-productive.

Also, when can I get a backpack umbrella? You would be rich from selling those on campus here. I currently just wear a too-large rain jacket over myself and by backpack, but I like your idea much better. I often have a laptop and other electronics in there, and I would not want them to get ruined by a rainy day.

It is quite a difference to see a computer generated mind map and illustrations. I like the color coding of the mind map and the added legibility the computer brings. A difference I noticed between your mind map and others I've seen is the very personal aspect you employed when exploring the space. This is interesting, as I feel the best ideas come from personal experience in an area.

Your ideas are few, but very well developed. I enjoy the detail in the descriptions. I've seen a couple products that try to do the backpack umbrella, but if it could be done cheaply and efficiently it would be a very welcome product for city goers. It's interesting how your other ideas strayed from the winter topic as your thoughts got on different topics as you focused more on the periphery of your mind map. Possibly the other ideas can come from combining some of those outside ideas with a focus back to the center of the winter theme, creating some creative ideas.

So as everybody else already pointed out great design for the mind map, it's clear and very easy to read and it's easy to see the connections as you saw them. I can definitely see the dog booties you came with being a much easier and convenient. I remember my parents getting dog boots and never being able to put them on the dog because he didn't like the aggressive method required to put them on. Love the backpack umbrella, never have enough jacket to cover up my backpack when I gave a computer inside.

Just a couple of things I thing you could have improved on other than having 10 ideas listed instead of 5. I think some of your products took a turn away from winter such as the pet gym, to me it feels like something you already had in mind and were looking for a place to just tack it on, it doesn't feel at all related to winter. If you had just mentioned that it was to provide exercise for dogs who can't handle cold weather I would have seen a more solid connection. Finally, these ideas certainly have merit but I think you could have been more silly and opened your mind up to more crazy ideas(although it's possible those were the ones we didn't get to see). Overall it was a clear and straightforward read, no squinting eyes and everything was clearly articulated in your entry.

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